PULSE 2/10

The Miramar Theatre Presents…
Prepare to have your senses electrified at PULSE, the first party of its kind. A multi-floor, multi-genre experience that will redefine your perception of nightlife! Join us on February 10th as we transform The Miramar into a pulsating haven of music, vibes, and euphoria.
🌟 Main Floor Magic: Immerse yourself in the heart of the PULSE experience on the main floor, where our Boiler Room set up puts our DJ talent in the middle of the dance floor. This will allow you to experience music from angles you probably haven’t before. Downstairs will be full of diverse genres that will create a seamless fusion of beats. From pulsating EDM to heart-thumping hip-hop, the main floor is where the rhythm takes control and guides you through an unforgettable night.
Main Floor DJs: BG Good, Korbel Papi, Nuave Hurt, Jeevus Christ.
😈 Upstairs Mar Hatter Lounge: Mar Hatter Lounge is not just another place to party; it’s a living canvas where art takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a projection mapped visuals and art installations that separate the space from anything else you’ve seen in Milwaukee. House music is the genre of choice for this event. Be prepared to dance. If you need a break, there are plenty of couches to lounge in.
Mar Hatter Lounge DJs: DJ Abilities (House Set) Xovi, Michael Fisher, Aspen
🎶 Genre-Bending Escapades: Venture beyond the ordinary as each floor of the venue showcases a unique musical journey. Whether you crave the smooth vibes of R&B, the infectious energy of house music, or the nostalgic tunes of throwback classics, PULSE has curated an eclectic mix to cater to every musical palate.
🌈 Sensory Overload: Stay Tuned for the future of PULSE as we have a HUGE LED Wall & Lasers coming soon.
🚀 Elevate Your Experience: Take the party to new heights by exploring multiple floors, each offering a distinct atmosphere and genre. Elevate your experience as you move seamlessly between levels, discovering hidden pockets of entertainment and encountering surprise performances that will keep you on the edge of euphoria.
🌌 Unleash Your Pulse: This isn’t just a party; it’s a movement. PULSE invites you to unleash your inner rhythm and let the beats guide you through a night of unbridled joy. Bring your energy, gather your squad, and join us for a night that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the pulse that connects us all.
📷 Photo Booth with props by Erika Love
Doors 9pm || 21+

The event is finished.


10 Feb 2024


9:00pm - 2:00am

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Miramar Theatre
2844 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202